Shop Capabilities

Metal Working

Mill Work

CNC Mill - 2D & 3D capabilities in metals and plastics

Student using a mill at the machine shop

Lathe Work

Student using a lathe at the machine shop

Metal Working

Brake press capable of bending up to six foot lengths
Rolling capabilities up to 3 feet wide

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Metal Cutting

Shear up to 1/4" x 6' steel
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Plasma table at the machine shop


TIG welding steel, aluminum or stainless
MIG welding steel
Spot welding of thin material

A student welding at the machine shop


3D Printing

Rapid prototyping

Lulzbot 3d printer at the machine shop


Workshop Capabilities


Router capability for patterning or edge treatments

The woodworking area at the machine shop


Table saw, miter saw, and vertical band saw

Kody Habeck using a saw at the machine shop